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Sisters and Brothers of Tau Beta Sigma,

At the 2021 Southwest District Convention, Tau Beta Sigma Counselor Ashlyn Simmons announced that she would be stepping down from her position after the 2021 National Convention. The National Council would like to thank Ashlyn for her service as Southwest District Counselor for the past three years. We are grateful for her service and wish her the best as she begins a new phase in her career and life.

Further, as we head into the 2021-2022 academic year, several of our Counselors are entering their final year of service with us: Allison Leemann, Kellie Leitz, Zack Rebarchek, Carrie Webster, and Kathy Webster. We want to take a moment to thank each of them, and we look forward to having one more year of their guidance and leadership in Tau Beta Sigma.

Therefore, the National Council is currently accepting applications for DISTRICT COUNSELORS in ALL GEOGRAPHIC AREAS with immediate need in the SOUTHWEST DISTRICT and will give strong consideration to applicants in the MIDWEST, NORTHEAST,  and NORTH CENTRAL DISTRICTS so as to provide appropriate transition time in those districts with Counselors who are terming out of their positions next spring.

The National Council is also accepting applications for the role of CHAPTER VISITATION ASSISTANT (CVA) in ALL GEOGRAPHIC AREAS. 

The primary duties of a District Counselor are to advise the National Council and provide oversight to the District Council and chapters within the District. Counselors shall be designated the official representative of the District whenever such representation shall be required and shall, when requested by the National Council, act as the Official Inspecting Officer of the Sorority of all chapters within the District. Counselors serve a 2-year term ending at their respective District Conventions in even-numbered years. Counselors may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.

The primary duties of a CVA are to conduct visits with Tau Beta Sigma chapters and to provide workshops, training, and resources to assist and enhance chapter operations. CVAs serve 2-year terms ending at National Convention. CVAs are eligible for re-appointment with no term limits. 

Counselors and CVAs serve without compensation, although the Sorority will reimburse travel expenses incurred on its behalf. 

District Counselors and CVAs shall:

Be a Life Member of Tau Beta Sigma in good standing;
Be at least 25 years of age;
Have completed an undergraduate degree program;
Possess outstanding business ability and be able to represent the Sorority under all ordinary conditions.

Further information regarding duties and eligibility requirements can be found in the Tau Beta Sigma National Constitution.

 Interested individuals for either role should submit the following materials by May 28, 2021:
1. Letter of intent identifying your motivations for seeking the position and the contributions you anticipate bringing to that office.  The letter should explain your basic qualifications for the position, highlighting band and Sorority experience.  Limit: 1 page.
2. Resume/Vita, inclusive of both Sorority and professional experiences.  Limit: one 2-page document or two 1-page documents that separate the two categories.
3. One Letter of Recommendation.

Please note that applications will be considered in all geographic regions, however the areas of highest need are listed above. We encourage all those interested in a Counselor or CVA position to apply. Applications may be kept on file for up to one year in the event other positions become available.Materials and/or questions about the position should be submitted to Adrienne Rall, National President, at Application materials must be received by 11:59pm CDT on May 28, 2021.