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The Focus On Five campaign was first developed by the 2013-2015 NVPSP Jonathan Markowski in 2014. It was created as a way to guide Chapters toward specific initiatives and activities that fulfill the Mission of the Sorority and its core operations. This biennium we will focus Chapters’ work and efforts, reflect all aspects of the Mission Statement, emphasize band participation as participants and audience members, and connect Chapters to learn from one another. At it’s core, this year’s campaign seeks to answer the question, “How does Tau Beta Sigma make an impact on our band, campus, and greater community?”

Chapters will be recognized for their participation during District Conventions in 2024 and 2025 as well as at National Convention. To create your Chapter’s own visual tracker throughout the year, use these downloadable images.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Chapter’s participation in the Tau Beta Sigma National Programs or the Focus on Five Campaign, please contact the Tau Beta Sigma National Vice President for Special Projects, Allison Leemann (

Establishing Participation and Risk Management

The Red Stripe focuses on ensuring that we are established for the year with regard to our Chapter operations documents, awareness of risk management policies, and enrollment in the Focus on Five Campaign. There are three key steps needed to earn the Red Stripe (deadline to complete and submit tasks is October 15, 2023):

  • Appoint your Focus on Five Liaison and have them join the Tau Beta Sigma Discord server.
  • Email your Chapter Budget & Constitution to your District Counselors.
  • As a Chapter, watch the TBSigma Risk Management Policy Video and complete the “Take a Stand” cards, preferably during National Hazing Prevention Week (September 25-29, 2023). Share a photo of the Chapter’s Take a Stand cards in the Discord server.

Community Engagement

The White Stripe focuses on community development within our Mission Statement. Our community extends from our band program, to our campus, to our greater communities. Tau Beta Sigma’s National Programs were created with the specific aim to support various aspects of the Mission. There are two programs that target our engagement within the community: Crescendo and Coda. There are two steps to earn the White Stripe (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • Host either a Crescendo or Coda event within your community.
  • Share photos (if able based on the community partner’s guidelines) and details of the event and answer the questions “How did this event impact our community? What does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.
    • If photos are not allowed, complete the appropriate Participation Form located in the TBSigma National Programs Guide and have it signed by an official from the community partner organization.

*Chapters are not restricted to host only one program as part of their National Programs involvement. However, only one is required to earn the White Stripe.

Promoting Women in Music

The Blue Stripe focuses on the empowerment of women in music within our Mission Statement. The Women in Music Speaker series is the hallmark National Program of Tau Beta Sigma. It was created with the intent of giving women in music a platform to speak and share their experience. It is also an opportunity to connect our members, bands, and greater community to these music professionals and to learn from their story. There are two steps to earn the Blue Stripe (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • Host a Women in Music Speaker Series for your band program, campus, and/or greater community.
  • Share photos and details of the event and answer the questions “How did this event impact our community? What does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.

Band Development

The Green Stripe focuses on cultivating leadership in our Chapter and band community. Developing leadership skills within a band program can greatly enhance the overall performance and success of the group. While there is not a current National Program that focuses on this aspect of the Mission, Tau Beta Sigma can enhance leadership within the band program and community through setting examples of positive leadership and facilitating development events for band members (suggested topics below). There are two steps to earn the Green Stripe (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • Host a leadership development event for members of the band program.
  • Share photos from the event and answer the questions “How did this event impact our community? What does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.

Suggested topics for the full band include: Effective Communication, Team Building/Collaboration, Goal Setting and Planning, Time Management and Organization, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Reflection and Growth. Suggested topics for Band Leaders include: Conducting and Leading Rehearsals, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Decision Making/Problem Solving, and Mentoring/ Coaching.

Members of Tau Beta Sigma are not required to be the primary content presenters/facilitators of the event to earn the Green Stripe. It is encouraged to partner with campus resources including the student activities office, Greek life, or other professional services to bring content expertise and also to connect band members with resources across the campus community. Alumni members in good standing can present with approval from the Director of Bands.


The Black Stripe focuses on musicianship and music appreciation, central foci of our Mission, Vision, and Purposes. One of the most important aspects of serving bands is one’s ability to contribute positively to each rehearsal and performance as a musician, and one of the best ways in which to contribute positively is to be proficient at your instrument. The For Greater Practice Initiative of Tau Beta Sigma was designed to help Chapter members serve their bands by becoming better musicians through the development of good practice habits, especially with regard to the fundamentals of each member’s instrument or auxiliary equipment. There are three steps to earn the Black Stripe (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • For at least three months, at least 50% of all Chapters members individually practice for four hours or more. This can be completed with individual or group rehearsal on primary/secondary instruments (including auxiliary equipment). Practice should be tracked for all members using the For Greater Practice Initiative tracking sheet or another preferred method available through your college/university.
  • At the conclusion of the For Greater Practice Initiative tracking, host a mini-recital (either privately as a Chapter or including participation of other band members) to perform selected rehearsed pieces and celebrate one another’s progress.
  • Share the completed tracking sheet (or report from school-based tracker), photos/video from the mini-recital and details of the event, and answer the questions “How did this event impact our community? What does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.

The Lyre Pieces are an opportunity to expand the Chapter’s involvement in aspects of the Sorority outside of the primary National Programs and Mission-driven initiatives.

The Left Lyre Piece focuses on celebration, recognition, and achievement within our Chapters and bands. Tau Beta Sigma offers a number of recognition opportunities to celebrate the musical and academic achievements of our Chapter and band members including the Academic Achievement Program, Service Certificate, and For Greater Bands Award. There is one step to earn the Left Lyre Piece (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • Submit an application for an Academic Achievement Program award, Service Certificate, and/or For Greater Bands award.*

*Each of these recognition/awards types has specific deadlines during an academic year. Applications that are submitted on-time for the respective deadline will be considered for the Left Lyre Piece.

The Center Lyre Piece connects each Chapter to their District-specific projects and initiatives. Review the steps to earn the Center Lyre Piece for each District (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • Midwest: Attend and contribute discussion questions at least one of two DEIA-focused District events
  • North Central: Host an event focused on Chapter growth as part of the NCD Cadenza Program
  • Northeast: Complete a service project in line with the “Harmony in Motion” initiative
  • Southeast: Conduct a service project as part of the SED “Service Project Swap” Program
  • Southwest: Participate each month in the District Photo Challenge
  • Western: Host an event with Alumni Members of the Chapter to build connections

Detailed information and requirements for each project are listed below.

Midwest District: Chapters in the District will have two opportunities to earn their Center Lyre Piece, with one session occurring in the fall and the other occurring in the spring. These sessions will be approximately two hours in length, and both will cover different topics around DEIA and its role in the Sorority. To earn the Lyre Piece, Chapters are required to have at least one member in attendance at one of the sessions, though all members of all Chapters are encouraged to join and participate if they would like to. Chapter representatives are to compose a list of questions or topics of discussion that they would like to cover during the session and submit it to Midwest District Vice President for Special Projects Logan Green at prior to the event. Chapters should then submit a screenshot of their attendance along with the complete list of questions to the Discord server to confirm completion of the Lyre Piece.

North Central District: To earn this year’s Center Lyre Piece, Chapters must hold an event which encourages meaningful Chapter growth. The Cadenza Program is intended to be flexible while also including the necessary requirements for an engaging and effective event. The following event criteria must be met for any Cadenza project: 1) Event lasts at least 30 minutes, 2) Project is not the completion of another Focus on Five Stripe, 3) Project ties to a goal or Vision of the Chapter, 4) Project promotes growth in leadership, musicianship, service, or another skill, 5) At least 90% of Active Chapter members are involved in some aspect of the project, and 6) Project documentation is completed and shared with the North Central District Vice President for Special Projects Jamie Bossenbroek at and submitted on the Discord server.

Northeast District: The Center Lyre Piece is designed to showcase the individual personalities and characteristics of our Chapters. While we all uphold the 8 and 5 in everything that we do, each Chapter has their own personality that contributes to our service projects and gives each Chapter a distinct service style. For this year’s Lyre Piece, each Chapter will have to brainstorm a quality/personality trait of their Chapter and utilize this trait to create a service project that showcases your Chapter’s individuality. To receive the Lyre Piece: Come together as a chapter, and decide on one of the following options(can do more if desired): 1) A service event of your choosing that recognizes a unique characteristic that your Chapter has to offer, 2) An  activity that your Chapter can do to make something to give back to your community that highlights your Chapter, while also giving back to those who support us every day, or 3) A performance that showcases your chapter’s unique personality or personality trait to the community. Share the project on the Discord server for review and completion.

Southeast District: Chapters will conduct a service project as part of the SED “Chapter Service Swap” Program! Chapters will choose another Chapter in the SED to reach out to to swap service projects with. Projects do not need to be perfectly copied and pasted; the goal is to simply share ideas with each other and take inspiration from them to try something new to your Chapter. To help facilitate communication, Chapters will use this spreadsheet to provide contact information and list which Chapter(s) they will be swapping with. More detailed guidelines are included in the spreadsheet. The Lyre Piece is verified by showing proof of communication with another chapter (text/DM/email/etc.) and showing pictures of the service project in the Discord server. While swapped projects may meet the criteria for another stripe, the same service project may not be used by the same chapter for two Focus on Five submissions. Chapters are encouraged to choose a music service project or philanthropic project based on their individual needs and goals. For more information and examples, please visit the Southeast District website and visit the ‘Projects’ tab. If you have any questions, please contact Southeast District Vice President for Special Projects Carissa Kettering at

Southwest District: Participate in the SWD 2023-2024 Photo Challenge by submitting at least four monthly challenges (more information about challenges available through District Vice President for Special Projects Sydney Fishburn at

  • August – First Meeting Photo
  • September – Service in Action
  • October – Joint Effort
  • November – Thankful Sisters
  • December – Last Meeting of 2023
  • January – New Year, New Sisters
  • February – Melody, Harmony, and Fun
  • March – Women in Music
  • April – Coda/Crescendo
  • May – Sisterly Send Off

Western District: Chapters will connect with Alumni members to learn more about their history and network of members by hosting a project/event to promote interaction with Chapter Alumni. Projects/events must incorporate an aspect of the Chapter’s history including discussion of important events and moments or special events. Alumni should have a way to interact with the Chapter through this project/event, a social media post about Alumni is not sufficient for the Lyre Piece.  

The Right Lyre Piece encourages Chapters to engage with Sorority events throughout the year. During the upcoming academic year there will be a series of events focused on Chapter operations, professional development, and musicianship and band appreciation. These events are made successful by the presence and interaction of members and Chapters from across the country to learn from one another. The tentative calendar of events for this series is available on the Linktree and at this link. There are two steps to earn the Right Lyre Piece (deadline to complete and submit tasks is June 1, 2024):

  • At least one member of the Chapter is present at at least half of the total National Council-sponsored events. This does not need to be the same member for all events.
  • After the event series has concluded, submit a post highlighting the events that were attended and the attendees’ response to the questions “What were the key takeaways from this event? How did the Chapter grow from the experience?” in the Discord server.