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5 Ways to stay involved as a TBS Alumni 

The bond of being in Tau Beta Sigma doesn’t stop at graduation. We have a variety of ways for you stay involved and give back to the organization, so that future generations continue to have meaningful experiences.

  1. Become a Life Member
    By becoming a life member you are helping ensure the long-term future of Tau Beta Sigma.
  2. Stay involved as a TBSAA member
    As a member of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association, you can participate in alumni programming including the mentorship program, annual grants, and the For Greater Bands 5K.
  3. Join a Local Alumni Association or Start Your Own 
    Local Alumni Associations at the district, regional, and chapter levels are great opportunities to stay involved in the area you live or went to college. If there is not currently an LAA in your area, TBSAA can work with you to start one.
  4. Attend National Convention
    Every two years National Convention allows for a fun-filled Tau Beta Sigma family reunion. We hope you will join us in Grand Rapids for a full slate of alumni programming.
  5. Join a committee
    Your input can help guide future alumni opportunities. We are always looking for alumni to join committees, bring new ideas, and help us implement programs.