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In 2017 a Curriculum Committee was created to develop a standardized national curriculum for Tau Beta Sigma to ensure clarity and consistency for membership candidates and newly initiated members of Tau Beta Sigma while providing appropriate resources to support chapter membership educators. In addition, a standardized curriculum allows Tau Beta Sigma to adopt industry best practices and to remain at the forefront of addressing contemporary issues with our membership. For questions and assistance using Overture, please contact the Tau Beta Sigma Curriculum Committee at

The National Curriculum has been named OVERTURE. In music, an overture comes at the beginning of a longer piece such and an opera or play and introduces the main themes of the story. The Membership Education Program is an introduction to the main themes of Tau Beta Sigma in preparation for full participation in the Sorority. Outside of music, an overture can be an approach to establish a relationship. As Membership Candidates, the MEP is an approach in establishing their membership as a Sister of Tau Beta Sigma.