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Membership Types and Fees




ACTIVE members of the Sorority shall be college or university students who are enrolled/ actively participating in the band and have paid their current membership dues for the year. In the event a member of the Sorority is unable to enroll/ actively participate in band, the person may continue as an active member for the academic term provided chapter members and sponsor so desire. An exception must be approved by the National President. Active members are eligible to hold office, serve on committees and take part in all business and social affairs of the chapter. Voting privileges will only be given to active and associate members.

A member of Kappa Kappa Psi who has ever held active status in Kappa Kappa Psi is not eligible for active membership in Tau Beta Sigma. Dues: $130/year


CONDITIONAL status in the Sorority may be maintained for up to one (1) academic year by a formerly Active member in good standing. Conditional status may be requested by an Active member, in writing, from the chapter when conflicts arise because of work or class schedules and thus prevent the student from fulfilling the requirements of Active membership. The request shall be approved by the Sponsor and Director of Bands. Chapters may add requirements to Conditional membership upon a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the chapter to add an addendum to the chapter constitution and upon the approval of the Sponsor and Director of Bands. Chapters who elect to add additional requirements must notify their District Counselor within thirty (30) days. Conditional status may not be imposed upon Actives to meet obligations. Dues: $130/year


ASSOCIATE Membership is granted to members of Kappa Kappa Psi who transfer to a college or University which does not have an active Kappa Kappa Psi Chapter and meet the requirements as defined in the present transfer policy. Before coming eligible for Associate Membership, the potential associate member must be educated in the rituals and traditions of Tau Beta Sigma. Associate members may vote and hold office. Any exceptions must be approved by the National Council. Dues: $130/year


Former active members who are enrolled in school but do not pay Member Dues will be classified as inactive members. Inactive members are not considered in good standing and therefore, have no active membership privileges.


Alumni, Senior and Honorary members, upon payment of Life Membership fees submitted together with an application to the National Headquarters, shall be entitled to Life Membership privileges in the Sorority providing their addresses are available at the National Headquarters. Purchase of a Life Membership by a senior does not exempt a person from payment of annual membership dues during the senior year. Click here to apply for Life Membership online or Click here to download the application form.

Life Membership Payment Plan

The purchase of Life Membership and/or any type of membership in Tau Beta Sigma is Non-refundable.


Active, Associate, or Conditional members become Alumni members of the sorority when they complete their education or terminate their affiliation with their college or university. A person may not hold active membership in a chapter and an alumni association simultaneously. If an alumni member wishes to reactivate, the alumnus must be a student, be enrolled in the university’s band, and meet the requirements as an active member of the local chapter.

For information about the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association, please click here.


In recognition of outstanding ability, accomplishment, or devotion to the best interest of the Sorority, a person can be given Honorary Membership by a chapter. This shall be the highest honor which can be conferred by a chapter. Undergraduates are ineligible for this recognition. Fee: $150/lifetime