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Sisters and Brothers,

Almost one year ago Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma had to make an unprecedented decision: The COVID-19 pandemic required us to change all district conventions from in-person events to virtual ones. Those online experiences included business sessions for each of our districts and the workshop event “D.C. al Coda,” an exciting weekend of programming designed to bring members from across the nation together in one environment. At the time, we were hopeful that this was a one-time deal; no one expected that we’d ever have to open up the “District Convention Pandemic Playbook” again. 

As this year has progressed we have carefully watched public health guidance, releasing our own “PIVOT!” chapter operations guide and updating it as the CDC and others provide additional guidance and resources. With the rollout of multiple vaccines and a renewed national commitment to taking basic and essential public health measures to slow infections, we have so much optimism for the near future when all of us can be together again in person. However, we recognize that this future is still a ways away, and as organizations we have a duty to keep our fellow Sisters and Brothers safe while also meeting the national commitment to protect public health.

With this in mind, the 2021 District Conventions will again be held in a virtual format. By making this decision in January, it is our sincere hope that we have the time to ensure that each district convention experience closely mirrors opportunities members would have had at an in-person event. Your National Leadership Teams and District Officers are committed to offering this online convention experience in a purposeful way to all chapter members, regardless of their location, so that they can learn from and connect with other members of their district, National Leadership Team members, and even our local and national vendors. Throughout the month of February, registration for each district convention will open, and we encourage you to sign up as soon as you can. 

We can’t wait to see you at our District Conventions during March and April, and we want you to know that we are continuing to plan for what will truly be a celebration like no other this July in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for our 2021 National Convention. Public health permitting, we intend to create a special convention experience to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Tau Beta Sigma, to honor all the incredible sacrifices made and triumphs reached during the biennium, and to prepare for us being back together, in-person, in our “new normals” this fall.

We wish we didn’t have to send this message because we miss being in the presence of each and every one of you. Thank you for all you do for our college and university bands – your commitment to and passion for bands and the art of music during this time of great trial is both inspiring and commendable.


Marco and Adrienne