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The Kappa Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Sigma was installed at Slippery Rocky University of Pennsylvania on January 14, 2021.  The installation was presented virtually due to COVID-19 limitations with National Vice President for Colonization & Membership Erika Pope serving as the installing officer.  Megan Enright, Kat Howell, Dr. Ted McCadden, and the Gamma Omega Chapter served as the colony advising team.  Charter members include:  Aaron Smith, Alicia Marie Palashoff, Austin Gray, Brett Thomas Edward Carrier, Briana Carr, Gillian Demofonte, Isaiah Greenawalt, James Nierle, Jonathan Helmick (Director of Bands), Jordan Alexander Weeter, Joshua Zeigler, Mary Grace Thomas, Mikayla Ridgeway, Natalie Manning, Nathan Hutchison, Olivia Bazanos, Rita Mae Moore, Samantha Lash, Tristan Mull, and Zachary Rohland.