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The 36th Biennial Convention of Tau Beta Sigma was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lexington, KY. The following members were elected to the National Council and Board of Trustees and served until July 22, 2017:

National President: Dr. Kathryn Kelly (Eta Delta)
National Vice President for Colonization and Membership: Jonathan Markowski (Delta Delta)
National Vice President for Special Projects: Adrienne Rall (Theta Mu)
National Vice President for Communication and Recognition: Erika Pope (Theta Theta)
National Vice President for Professional Relations: Beth Bronk (Beta Gamma)
Board of Trustees Chair: Dollie (McDonald) O’Neill (Psi)
Board of Trustees Vice Chair: Kathy Godwin (Omega)
Board of Trustees Member: Debbie Baker (Beta Xi)
Board of Trustees Member: Lisa Croston (Alpha)
Board of Trustees Member: Dr. Dawn Farmer (Omega)
Board of Trustees Member: Carolyn McCambridge (Alpha Xi)
Board of Trustees Life Member: Janet (West) Miller (Iota)
Board of Trustees Member (Immediate Past National President): Dr. Nicole (Burdick) Sanchez (Delta Eta)
Board of Trustees Member (National President): Dr. Kathryn Kelly (Eta Delta)