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The 1st National Convention of Tau Beta Sigma was held at Texas Technological College in Lubbock, TX. The following members were elected to the National Council & Board of Trustees and served until March 6, 1947:
President: Doris (Ragsdale) Kochaneck (Beta)
First Vice President: Suzanne (Wetmore) Larsen (Gamma)
Second Vice President: Dorothy (Allen) Nichols (Delta)
Secretary: Francis (Martin) Lumley (Alpha)
Treasurer: Bernice Friend (Alpha)
Executive Secretary/Editor: A. Frank Martin
Board of Trustees: Doris Ragsdale, National President – replaced A. Frank Martin
Board of Trustees: Boh Makovsky
Board of Trustees: D.O. Wiley
Board of Trustees: F. Lee Bowling
Board of Trustees: Hugh McMillen