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The 12th Biennial Convention of Tau Beta Sigma was held at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. The following members were elected to the National Council and Board of Trustees and served until July 1, 1969:

National President: Patsy Hejl (Beta Gamma)
National 1st Vice President: Ladine Housholder (Omega)
National 2nd Vice President: Dolores Roscello (Alpha Omega)
National Secretary: Sharon Lesback (Alpha Alpha)
National Treasurer: Lydene Hovance (Alpha Gamma)
Board of Trustees Chair: Wyn Jacobsen (Alpha Epsilon)
Board of Trustees Member: Dorothy Lee (Omega)
Board of Trustees Member: Suzanne Tyra (Alpha Lambda)
Board of Trustees Member: Janet (West) Miller (Iota)