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This form should be used by each Chapter Membership Educator to submit documents that provide information as it pertains to your Chapter’s Membership Education Plan. Activity Requests should detail activities that ARE NOT a part of the Overture Curriculum. ***NOTE: Please only fill this form out if you are the Vice President or Membership Educator for your chapter.

Prior to completing this form, please review Overture to review the guidelines for implementing the curriculum. Within the VPM guide, you should review the activities included in each Module to make your selections for the 2024-2025 membership intake window. Additionally, prior to submitting your MEP, please review the MEP template for required and recommended parts of your Membership Education Plan. The MEP Template can be found at the link provided below.

MEP Template

If you need further guidance, or assistance developing your Membership Education Plan please email all questions to Thank you!



1) This form should be submitted by August 1 (for Fall Classes AND Fall Recruitment) and December 1 (for Spring Classes and Spring Recruitment). ** Please allow 14 days for the National Leadership Team to review your MEP and provide feedback**
2) Membership Candidate Registration Form – Due within 7 days of completing 1st Degree.
3) Initiate Registration Form and Initiate Fees – Due within 30 days of completing 3rd Degree.
Click to access the submission form: Tau Beta Sigma Membership Education Plan Submission Form (2024-2025)