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Each year the Sorority celebrates the “13 Days of Tau Beta Sigma,” which begins on March 14, the birth date of our Founder Wava Banes Henry and concludes on the Sorority’s Founder’s Day of March 26. Each of the days of the celebration are filled with social media features that showcase many of our values, programming, and membership throughout the history of our organization.

Social Media Resources

Throughout the 13 Days of Tau Beta Sigma the Sorority’s social media channels will share posts celebrating different aspects of our History, Mission, and Sisterhood. All Chapters and members are encouraged to participate with these posts by liking, sharing, and commenting in response. To generate themed posts and responses of your own, use the below links to Canva templates prepared for these celebrations. 


Wava’s Birthday & Pie Day

Tuesday, March 14

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Who Inspired You?

Wednesday, March 15

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Band & Chapter Firsts

Thursday, March 16

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Women in Music

Friday, March 17

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Memories of the Wava Garden / Reflection Spots

Monday, March 20

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What does Sisterhood mean to you?

Tuesday, March 21

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Beginnings in Band

Wednesday, March 22

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Favorite College Music Moments

Thursday, March 23

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What is next for TBSigma?

Friday, March 24

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How has TBSigma impacted you?

Sunday, March 26

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