How To Apply For Colonization

In order to establish a new colony of Tau Beta Sigma, all interested groups must submit a Colonization Application. There are two options available for you to submit your Colony Application to our National Headquarters:

Submitting the Application

Option 1: Save the application, scan letters of support and email all documents to the Colony Education Coordinator at Send application fee (check or money order) via Certified Mail to the Sorority National Headquarters – PO Box 849 Stillwater, OK 74076.

Option 2: Print all documents and mail along with the application fee (check or money order) via Certified Mail.

Application Windows

Applications will only be accepted within the two “application windows” set by the National Council.

For a Fall Colonization Process, applications must be sent between February 1 and June 1. If your application is approved, the Colony will be permitted to start on September 1.

For a Spring Colonization Process, applications must be sent between September 1 and December 1. If your application is approved, the Colony will be permitted to start on February 1.

Any applications sent before a window opens or after it closes will be returned.

Colonization Application Fees

All Tau Beta Sigma colonization applications must be submitted with a NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee of $150.00.  All funds sent to our National Headquarters Office must be either a check, money order, or a credit card payment taken over the phone. Please do not send cash through the mail.


Key Factors For Approval

Each Colony Application that is received is reviewed very carefully and taken under consideration by the National Council of Tau Beta Sigma. A submitted Colonization Application does NOT guarantee automatic approval. Some key factors that will be considered include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • The age of your University or College band program and/or Music Department.
  • The size of your University or College Band Program.
  • Overall demographics and graduation success rate of your institution.
  • An accurate reflection of your band program’s diversity displayed in the list of Potential Colonists.
  • The year in school for each of your Potential Colonists.
  • For band programs that are applying to re-colonize an Inactive ΤΒΣ Chapter, the length of time since the chapter was last recorded as an Active Chapter and the reason the chapter was closed will be reviewed.

The Colonization Process

If a Colony Application is approved by the National Council of Tau Beta Sigma, the newly established colony will begin the Colonization Process. The Colonization Process is a probationary time during which the colonists will work with nationally appointed Advisors, to transition into an Active Chapter. During the process, the colonists will:

  • Learn about the organization and our values.
  • Propose a chapter constitution and budget.
  • Develop and execute service projects for your band program.
  • Work on cultivating the over all chapter operations executed by healthy chapters of Tau Beta Sigma.

The Colonization Process typically lasts no longer than six months and no shorter than two months.

Colony Fees for Tau Beta Sigma

All colony fees are due after the application has been accepted and prior to the colony’s installation as an Active Chapter. Those fees include the following:

Colony Member Fee $125.00 Per Member
Honorary Member Fee $50.00 Per Member
One-Time Charter Fee $300.00

** For more information on colonization, please send all inquiries to **

Get In Touch.

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