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75th Anniversary Merchandise

Some of Tau Beta Sigma’s exclusive 75th Anniversary merchandise is available again for a short time and in limited quantities!

  • The 75th Anniversary Special Edition Ornament, previously only sold at our 2021 National Convention
  • The 75th Anniversary Postcard Set, previously only available to guests who attended our 75th Anniversary Celebration
  • The 75th Anniversary Special Edition Podium
  • The Founding of Tau Beta Sigma: 75th Anniversary Special Edition Reprint

Items are in stock and will be shipped to you from our National Headquarters as orders are received. Questions can be directed to

Looking for the 75th Anniversary lapel pins, notebooks, t-shirts or other merchandise not listed above? For a limited time, our official jeweler also has select items available at: Please note that these items are stocked and sold by our jeweler, not by our National Headquarters Staff and inquiries into these items should be directed to