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Starting a Chapter

Thank you for your  interest in colonizing a Chapter of
Tau Beta Sigma!

Guidelines for Approval of Tau Beta Sigma Colonization Application

University or College Band Program and/or Music Dept. in existence for at least 5 years or longer. This establishes a solid foundation for a Tau Beta Sigma Chapter.

The Band program must exemplify a positive & reputable program within the University/College, Community and to the enrolled students.

Approval from the University & Office of Student Affairs of the said University or College

Approval from the University Music and/or Band Department, as well as Director of Bands Support & Approval.

Have at least 7 (seven) undergraduate students or more serve as charter members. (At least 5 of the charter members must be classified as Freshman, Sophomore or Juniors to ensure that 5 will remain chapter members at least a semester after the installation date).

Re-chartering of a chapter for various reasons other than hazing will be considered for review after a 2 year duration from the official last recorded date of activity with National Headquarters.

Re-chartering due to hazing will be considered for review after a minimum of 5 years of duration from the official last recorded date of activity with National Headquarters.

Disclaimer Statement: Each Colonization Application is reviewed & considered by the National Council of Tau Beta Sigma. A submitted colonization application does not guarantee automatic approval and will be taken under careful consideration. The National Council uses the above guidelines as parameters for consideration and also reserves the right to review each application on a case-by-case basis, as all University & College Band programs vary Nationally & Internationally.

Check out the Districts page for more information on how to contact representatives in your area.
THE COLONIZATION PERIOD is a probationary time during which dedicated band students work together to obtain active chapter status. The colonization process must be completed within two (2) semesters from the date of application. The colonization period serves the purpose of allowing colony members to operate as a chapter, enabling the National Organization to assess the ability of the new group to sustain a continuing effort to support its band program and to maintain contact with the National Organization.


INFORMATION -- Upon request, the National Headquarters staff will provide colonization information to interested groups. You may request this information by writing to:

Tau Beta Sigma
P.O. Box 849
Stillwater, OK 74076-0849

COLONIZATION APPLICATION FORM -- To be officially recognized as a colony of Tau Beta Sigma, a completed Preliminary Information Form must be submitted to the National Headquarters. This form must be accompanied by the current Charter Fee, a typed list of colony members and a current initiate fee for each colony member. Upon receipt of the completed form and the required fees the members of the colony will be issued membership cards and prospective member pins. Membership at this point, as a group and individually, is probationary. The Colonization Application Form is available by clicking here.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS -- As soon as possible, colony officers must be elected to serve as the executive team and guiding force in obtaining active chapter status.

OFFICIAL RECOGNITION -- When the preliminary forms and filing fee have been received and reviewed in the National Headquarters, official notification of colony status is sent to Fraternity and District Officers.

ADVISORS -- Each colony will be assigned to an advising chapter and an advising person. These persons are your first line of communications. Colonies are encouraged to maintain close contact with these sources of information and assistance.

OPERATION -- The colony group is provided operational materials and receives all mailings from the National Headquarters. The colony group is expected to function as a chapter in developing a program of service to the band department.

KNOWING WHAT TO DO -- The National Headquarters staff is prepared to serve as a constant source of information and support. However, the best possible assistance to the colony group will come from contact with active chapters. Active chapters may assist colony groups by sharing ideas for projects and activities, as well as by assisting with chapter operation.

TIMETABLE FOR COLONIZATION -- Your colony will be provided with a Timetable for Colonization. This schedule should be followed as closely as possible.

DISTRICT CONVENTION -- Each colony is required to have at least one (1) member attend the District Convention. This will give the colony an opportunity to better understand the scope of the organization. The colony will have voting rights at certain times during the colonization period.

PETITIONING DOCUMENT -- The petitioning document serves as the official request for active chapter status, as well as providing a written and pictorial record of the band program, the sheltering institution, and the colony. Guidelines for preparing the petitioning document are provided to the colony.

COMMUNICATION -- All active colonies of the Fraternity and Sorority are required to submit monthly reports to the National Headquarters, advising National Officers or representatives and advising chapter. Lack of communication is the greatest contributing factor to failure of a colonization effort. If a positive working relationship between the colony and National Organization cannot be developed during the period of colonization, there is little hope that an active chapter would survive.

PRE-INSTALLATION VISITATION -- Prior to the installation of a chapter, a representative of the National Organization will visit the campus to meet with college/university officials, sponsor, and colony members.

INSTALLATION -- When National Council approval has been granted, official plans for the installation of the chapter may be made. This event is closely coordinated between National, district, and local officers.

Failure to complete the colonization requirements within the specified period of time will result in the colony being dropped from consideration as a chapter. Any and all fees paid will be forfeited.
COLONIZATION... Advising Chapter Guidelines

NOTE: The National Councils have recommended the following set of guidelines for chapters who are appointed as an advising chapter.

Assign one person or a committee to be responsible for consistent communication with the colony. District and National Officers should be provided with the name and address of the contact person.

Plan meetings with the colony officers and/or entire colony every four weeks throughout the colonization period.

Provide information and conduct a mini membership education program by giving presentations on the history of Kappa Kappa Psi. Be sure to cover National Programs as well as operation of the Fraternity & Sorority on the National and District levels.

Colonies are not to start their own membership education program during the colonization period.

Provide a copy of your chapter constitution and assist the colony in drawing up their own.

Have in-depth discussions with the colony members on topics such as service projects, membership education programs, fundraising, National obligations, etc...




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