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Tau Beta Sigma Member Resources

Welcome to the Tau Beta Sigma Member Resource webpage! The National Council and your headquarters Staff have developed these resources to provide every active TBS Member and Chapter with the necessary materials to:

(1) function as an informed Active member of the Sorority, 
(2) operate your Chapter efficiently, 
(3) help explain the benefits of Sorority membership to others, and 
(4) educate new Membership Candidates.

Please take the time to explore the contents. We seek your suggestions to make this resource the best possible reference tool imaginable, so please send your ideas for improvements and additional content to the National Executive Directoror Publications Manager

We hope you find this page a significant step forward in providing all members with the most important resources of the Sorority. 

For Public Review

Public Ceremonies & Traditions

Chapter Documents & Forms

National Documents & Forms

Council Connection Newsletter

Colony Documents & Forms

Awards & Scholarships

Alumni Documents & Forms

National Convention Minutes

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